March… hello!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival, after snow & such. We love this time of the year; the air has a freshness about it that is so energizing, and we get inspired by all the bright colours and blooming snowdrop & crocus buds that the season brings.

And of course the busyness in this industry of designing/decorating/staging…

What’s new you ask???


Crow Wallpaper & Fabrics

Amazing … check these out!

P3TEC | Advanced Wall Protection

Sure… see Crown lines of these 3 will do well with: ~


CBM Blinds

*Automation* … is now so reasonable & easy!
With your Alexa, Google Home, smartphone & tablet

Ask us…


Textile Trimmings

*New Price list* … almost ready… coming to you soon!

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Equus Fabrics

*Specials* …Ask me! 


Pace Fabrics Corp

*Silk* Dupioni …Yup ask me!  

Just a note… 

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Your consideration/orders of our materials are greatly appreciated by all of us at …. Trade Source Agencies. 

Many thanks, 

Jan Wallace